Environmental Issues

 A Brief History of Conservation f the United States

 -Mukesh Dangi
"In the United States, human waste was carried in American rivers for centuries. Not
only were freshwater sources used as sewage dumps in most of the Western world (certain
Asian countries used human waste as fertilizer, instead), but industrial waste was also discarded
in rivers and streams. Leather tanning waste and butchering waste were frequent early polluters
of water sources too. (Pollution Issues, 2011)." 
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                                                          -Mukesh Dangi

It is estimated that between 1948-1959 the Koshi brought about 126 Million Hectare per meter sediments from hill to basin.
Mean annual flow for Koshi is 40 million acre feet at the gauge and silt charge is about 24,000
acre feet per year and ratio is 1:16 of silt and water. So Koshi carries about 11.9 million cubic
meter sediments per year to basin which can make the hill of Shyambhu with width of 0.5 km. 
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