Black and White life

I am a collection of some random facts, who is very easy going, flexible, compromising in his usual life. I behave what people expect from me. In most situations, not always, I make people happy.

I care people a lot, and usually do recognize their interests in very first conversation. I despise animals that are ignorant to me, though I try hard 2-3 times, to make a relationship, before I damn them from my life, no matter how important person they are.

But I am very stick to my thoughts and beliefs. People have very hard time to convince me. I am very confident about my belief, sometimes other animals call me over confident. Probably they are not wrong. I am a quick learner and quick reactor beast. In many cases people get my feedback first than they get from others. Usually, I clearly state what I think is right. I love debating. If I don’t have any idea, I love to listen carefully to get the background. I feel sometimes very sorry myself due to my stubbornness. This piece sometimes compels me to hate myself. But I am trying to be more and more flexible in these days, and rather doing well.

I am random, so often majority becomes surprised with me, about what type of animal I am. I am parallelly living two lives. Many people know only one life, even, who are very close to me. Only a few people, who know both parts of my life, understand and judge me correctly. Many people (45%) think I am serious, sincere, dedicated………, but another 50% thinks I am only merry making, experimental, irresponsible, “HA…AW….A”. I only have vision of life, but have never made short time plans. I believe life is only a strategy, “two steps forward and one step backward” .Only sure thing in my day is every morning I get up, and every night I sleep. I don’t love procrastination; however, it has been one of my inseparable parts of life. I hate it.
I always wonder why people have some opinions about me, though I am nothing. More they get nothing by making some opinion about me. They are human so they love to make opinion, and so do I.
I do not believe on perfection. There is no 100% in my personal dictionary. Everybody needs to improve. Science is my religion. Earth and my parents are my god because they created me, and they love me. Ghost is mystery for me. Every day I pray for peaceful and sustainable earth.
In my view, expression is the topmost human right. “Expression: NO Restriction “, no matter it might be wrong. People are free to comment, criticize and correct. Importantly, they are free to give suggestions and feedbacks.

My belief in a nut shell: “Love your life, do not hesitate to speak, take the advantage of bright things, and love the nature.”

Looking forward to getting some worthless suggestions.



TOp 15 Questions with answers that people usually ask me.

1. Life: Sperm+ Ova= Zygote, If you are male XY, Female-XX (P- ½)
2. Death- only truth
3. Human- Intelligent but crazy Genome
4. Love : Closeness, intimacy
5. Sex- Everybody needs that, so do I.
6. Marriage- Understanding
7. Belief- Ask my mom and dad.
8. Honesty- I guess you.
9. Race- My mom and dad.
10. Religion: Love, Respect and Humanity
11. God- My god has no name.
12. Language: Necessary evil
13. World- I support totally fundamental, but a handfuls are making spiritual noise ( Time and Space)
14. Spiritualism- Don’t stop me I want to enjoy the world
15. Science- I believe it not less than I do myself

I speak only truth ( जे बोल्छु, सत्य बोल्छु )

I am : Mukesh
Sibilings: Only son. But I belive you are.
If you visit the place I was born: Sankhuwa- Sava Nepal
Most time spent in- Kathmandu ( a dirty city)
Most touched with- NYCA ( )

Never in my life have I been: Back of Ostriches
The one person who can drive me nuts is: I am not sure, probably you.
High school: ( Nobel Academy) Punished so many times, even suspended for a week.
Highest Marks obtained- 100/100( Chemistry).
Lowest mark obtained- 0/100( Extra Math class 12)

When I’m angry: People easily recognize it because I look so silly.
The last song I listened to was: Seek and Destroy
My hair is: New style( South American)
When I was 5: I used to listen to ghost story with my grand maa.
memory of age 1- I was sucking mother’s brest.
Last Christmas: I was in Biratnagar
first Crush was: Very terrible.
Relation now: Do you wanaa kill me?
truth is: I believe, its you.
Life: Sperm+ Ova= Zygote. If you are male- XY, female- XX
I believe on- You, Nicolas Stern, James Hansen and Myself.
I hate: it because it’s rediculous headache next morning.

I should be..: PM of Nepal ( please Vote me in the General election of 2035 A.D.)
When I look down I see: Thosiba Laptop
The happiest recent event was: it was many many years before. So, I can’t remember
If I were a character on ‘Friends’ I’d be: Dr. DRE
By this time next year: I am not sure.
My current gripe is: not a good way complaining people

I have a hard time understanding: Calculus ( Never passed in High school)
There’s this girl I know that: she is Sam Mullen
I like you when: you are with me
If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: depends on the award. I may not tell anybody.
Take my advice: Usually silly
The thing I want to buy: one pair of shoes ( But those I liked are very expensive $150). Waiting for Sale.
If you spent the night at my house: You will hear so many rings. Nobody picks up the phone.
My home is strange: Because neighbours pick up my land phone. Sometimes when I call to my home they ask me who are you?

I say I want to talk to my mom. I am Mukesh.
They again ask me- what’s your mother name? Its real at my home, but I love this.

What’s next to you- Let mee see. I saw another laptop, The New York Times and some dirty clothes.
You are in rush- because I have to go to Fresh Pond Rd.
Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: Snapple ( Rt Now I am drinking it)
Most recent thing someone else bought me: they are greedy. I remembered one- James gifted a dozen of Beer on my last birth day.
I still regret for- I was silly, why I gave my unlimited Metro Card to that Guy.
Most recent shock- BP oil spill in Golf of Mexico. It hurts me when I read News Paper and watch on TV.`

Most recent silly act- Last night, I forgot my home and passed by 5 times, before i entered into it.
My middle name is: DRE
In the morning I: usually be sleeping
The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: elephant
after drinking- I would like to go to my friend’s home to make a noise, but not at my home.
Once, at a bar: So many times ( Usually in Nepal)
Last night I was: Vomiting in New York City subway.
There’s this guy I know who: he is my best friend.
If I was an animal I’d be: Water Pelican
A better name for me would be: DRE
Tomorrow I am: not sure
Tonight I am: still will be trying to avoid headache
My birthday is: Three different ( Official, Personal, and family one. I usually celebrate on February 10, but I am sure its not my real one). My Family hardly remember this day.


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