A B C : Mukesh (यदी म तपाईंको लागि नयाँ हुँ भने)


I’m Mukesh, from Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest, and the Birth Place of Lord Buddha. I am optimistic, easygoing, and friendly. However, I am quite stubborn, especially in my beliefs. Speaking frankly, people always have very hard time to convince me.

I am a mediocre person with many random odds and ends. I am ambitious, adventurous and experimental. I love to make new friends, and I care my friends a lot. People who are ignorant extremely irritate me. I just say, GO away from my Life.  I am agnostic, and happily an atheist, I have great respect for all existing religions though.  I visit temple, church and mosque with my friends and family. So far, “Science” is my religion, and “earth” is my god. My prayer is always for peace and sustainability.
I love reading, writing, taking pictures, watching movies, and blogging. People who believe on diversity of the planet, are exactly my kind, and are really lovable.
I respect all kind of work. I love humanity. I hate discrimination and prejudice. I love my family. Mother and the mother earth are equally valuable to me.  I admire the people who care about environment.



  1. Mukesh DAngi, is heard name for myself. Glad to see him as facebook fren .. cheers Mukesh !

  2. Hey Mukesh!

    Its nice to know you more through your blog! I am glad to know that science is yoour religion and earth is your god! Hope everyone of us has the same attitude abt the Environment and our big home called earth!!

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