Kathmandu city of Dream: No solid waste Please

The beauty of nature is indescribable; it creates everything in this balanced system with value. But the most difficult problem is that we, people, could not recognize the importance of their presence in the system, thereby start calling them trash or waste. The resource in wrong place is waste. Everything in this nature has value, the raw material we so call waste is not an exception. Science defines waste as discarded things that are not in good condition to use again. But, if we are really smart, we can prove the science bogus. Yes, we can reuse, and recycle the discard. Then they are no longer waste, they are raw materials because we keep them in right position.
Literally the wastes are of two types. Very simple, if it’s in solid form that is solid waste and when we see waste is flowing that is liquid waste. The waste which is biodegradable that can be converted into manure simply in household level, and if it is burnt in a thermal power plant the heat and electricity can be produced in commercial level. This will become the free fuel source. Separation of the waste at household level makes us easy to recycle and reuse the things. In most cases reuse is not very significant, but recycle is very effective way to decrease the volume of waste that goes to landfill. That helps to increase the life of the expensive landfill, and at the same time decrease the human pressure on natural resources at some extent. Its not a uphill task just need a commitment to protect mother earth.
Many techniques help us to covert waste to resource. So awesome, if we  are living in a city like Kathmandu, many of them are feasible and applicable at household level. Bean composting inside your kitchen, ditch, and trench composting in your garden or yard saves a lot of waste to fill landfill. If we love pet, why don’t you do vermicomposting , they convert our  kitchen waste to manure.
Undoubtedly, Kathmandu has been a throwaway society. we have always viewed our mountain of garbage, and sewer sludge as a problem, seeking hiding place to bury and hiding them away. In one word Kathmandu, the melting point of culture, and a city with glorious history has turned so ugly.  But where this waste comes from? Everybody knows the answer, from our kitchen. So we don’t have any right to blame others. If We could not promise to make Kathmandu the green city, we definitely can promise to make our kitchen a green kitchen. My mom is the educated geek, who loves shopping a lot. She shops everything for my house from clothing to grocery. She always brings a lot of plastics to my home. Fifty rupees vegetable comes to my house with 10 plastics. Really disgusting, huh! Not only my does, everybody does that. What happens to those plastics then? Most probably on the same day or next day they go out of the house with other discards. Out of sight is out of mind. My house is clean now. We need change there. First we can reduce the waste at the source for that we have to bring fewer plastics to home. We can use a permanent reusable bag for the grocery purpose. This is simple we can do that. Before sending away the waste to the collector we can separate biodegradable from non biodegradable. Food is expensive, so why we waste a lot of food. Let’s develop a habit to take only that much of food that we can eat. Courtesy begins from our individual action. Not wasting food is as important as producing food. Everything is simple. We just need extra effort to make our kitchen THE GREEN.
‘The cleaner city is our desire’, this is the theme of Kathmandu Metropolis. But, frankly speaking, it looks like city of garbage. We actually don’t walk in the core part of the city, amazing we hop like a frog to cross the waste that comes from our kitchen. The streets smell so bad. When we eye at the garbage we can see most of that coming from kitchen. Holy cow! How much of our income we are throwing on the street? Come on we are poorest people in this planet. Why are we throwing rice and curry on the street. We can stop it. Stop it, Now. We should change our way of thinking. There is no waste. Nothing is spoiled until and unless our thinking does. We need commitment.
United we stand, divided we fall, we have to have extra feelings. We are not going to do sins any more. We have to teach our grandparents, we have to forget what our parents taught to . Most importantly, we have to teach our younger brothers, and sisters. We can do it, because we are the generation, called youth, committed to build our nation. We love change that is positive. Change begins from us. We dream a lot. If we dream, we can make it. We can clean up our city.

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