Climate Change: The Answer is, “Yes”

Do you believe on Global Warming /climate change, or whatever you have listened to?

“Yes” you believe because you are  feeling more hot this summer than that of last summer. Believe or believe not, global warming is the bitter truth  that is right in front of us. Everything is open (because this is summer. ha ha just kidding)

Ask your grandparents abut the change in temperature of their life. Answer is definitely, “Yes”. That means the temperature of the earth is increasing.   On the other hand, Climate change is the  natural process, aggravated by unchecked emission of the green house gases.  we could not stop the natural process, but we could abate the grave effects if we are aware and committed to take action from individual level.

Do you believe:   Once the deserts of Soviet and central Asia were fourth largest sea. The Aral sea dried because of the human intervention in it’s ecological balance and natural process of climate change. As the water retreated, fishermen dug a canal trying desperately to reach the sea. Even these days we can see fishing ship stranded in a desert. – Source: “Ships in the Deserts”, Earth in The Balance( 1992) by Al Gore.

Once the mountains in the Africa and North America were covered with glacier, but these days we don’t see snow top on them. What does that mean? Answer is, “Yes”. All the glacier is gone due to global warming.

In Nepal we have precious Himalayan Heritage, they are melting   at the rate that is faster than any ice mass retreat  in the world. I bet, in the coming years the the time to scale the mount everest for a mountaineer will be dramatically less. What does that mean? The answer is, “Yes”. The glacier is retreating. If you don’t believe me, ask Appa Sherpa. He can explain about glacier retreat better than any one do.

“Sir, how  do you feel to set new record every year, breaking your own record (lol) ?”

“Yes”.  It’s the piece of cake for me.Easier every year than that of last year because I have to measure 7 meter less icy way?


The answer is, “Yes”. The Himalayan Glacier is retreating plus/minus 7 meter every year.  We can predict the life of the mount Everest. Probably I would be telling a story to my grandchildren about mount Everest. Seriously that start like, “once upon a time…..”  as I shred above about the ship in the desert.

One Fact:

CO2 inflow to atm. 33 billion of metric tons per year from burning of fossil fuel——-Stock is about 390 PPM these days, and increasing about 2 ppm per year—- —-outflow removal by ocean and land is about only 16 billions metric tons per year. Source: Pilke, R.(2010), The climate fix.

I would like to share the science that I believe:

Dinner Table climate science ( you are free to have different opinion)
a.  Our ability to see the future is limited. Certainty is not forth coming.
b.  Stabilizing atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide does not stop the climate change.
c.  Climate change is a problem to be manged, not to be solved.


Nepalese youth for Climate Action is organizing third Eco-football match with the theme of goal against climate change to mark the World Environment Day 2011. I humbly request to be there to Support the event, and to motivate the youth climate activists.  Climate change is, “yes”. So let’s join our hand together to say, “No No No” to global warming and climate change. Together we can make difference.


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