Appendix on Aashis Luitel Article “ECO FRIENDLY CITY”- “Only the Technology is Solution”

Thanks Aashis,
For your motivational article.
It’s unanimous that world is facing a huge environmental crisis, which has no boundary like sky. It is the challenge for the whole humanity (civilized globe), and developing countries like Nepal are being hard hit due to their weak economy and low resilience capacity though the every single individual species is the victim of environmental degradation. The environment has direct link with global economy as the economic goods come from the environmental services. So world economists, environmentalists and political leaders have realized the fact that” No safe environment, No safe global economy”. So the world is acting together to protect global environment in synchronize manner. We can see an example from BP Spill of oil in Gulf of Mexico, how much serious they have been. The world has single voice for the conservation of life around the area of that calamity.

As you mentioned, our unethical behavior are responsible for environmental problem, but the major cause is the increasing pace of global industrialization and fossil fuel burning. Nepal’s contribution for the GHG emission was 0.025 % many years before. Nobody has revised data currently; I guess it has been fallen down to 0.015%. So we, Nepalese people, have no option except crying. What we can d o is that we can migrate towards safe places (adaptation) if we are able to garner global support. The ball is on the court of developed countries. Let’s hope for the better future negotiation.

I appreciate, you talked about cycling culture. I am very glad that youth from Kathmandu has initiated Cycle City 2020 campaign. It’s a great initiative. At least it motivates the youths and the following generation to act ethically towards environment, though it is not the solution for growing environmental crisis. The GHG level is rocketing in unprecedented speed. On this context, how much carbon a cycle can save to enter into atmosphere ? One more question: Dose a cycle be convenient means of transportation in this rapid world? Having said this I want to clarify that I am not against cycling, but only the technology can solve this crisis. Instead of small vehicle as we see in Kathmandu ( they are the major problem), we need larger double decker bus. More we need to promote electric vehicle, but not like existing small “Safa tempo” . Larger Hybrid bus could be the option to replace Trolley and “Safa Tempo” because they have totally been unsuccessful.

The world is going to switch towards magnetic bullet train. For now it might not be possible in Nepal, but I what I would like to emphasize is that “the problem is due to industry and technology, and the ultimate solution is also the technology.”
Thanks Aashis once again for writing on this crucial issue.

Best Wishes,

MukeshDre Dangi

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