Take prompt and Simple Actions: Go green

Often many people fear go green means going away from their present lifestyle to adopt a strict back-to-nature stance. They think it is fancy but not practical. They might be wrong, and I am not advocating for that scary situation. Globally, the rate of consumption of natural resources is tremendous, and a great many part of the resources is being dumped every day in the form of so called waste. Nobody, however, has given a universally accepted definition of waste, actually what they don’t like is waste for them. For those who use the resource wisely nothing is waste, in fact, everything is resource for them. We could make a big difference in current statistics if we want to. For that we need intrinsic motivation and more commitment to change our current destructive lifestyle, and rush consuming habits that ensures the safe earth to our children and grand children. At the same time we do not require to compromise our comfort.

“United we stand, divided we fall”, we need a global commitment from the individual level no matter wherever you are from. Our globally synchronized action from individual level, household level, community level can create an immense pressure to policy makers to revisit and reformulate their existing policies. The pressure of open market compels the manufacturer to be responsible towards nature. Your regular effort may make your friend feel embarrassed to be the part of problem. That is what we want. Everybody wants to be a responsible citizen. You may have enormous energy to take action now and make an overnight change. By nature, nobody wants to be the part of problem, but often it is very hard to find the way to be the part of solution. Usually, we don’t realize the potential and possibility within us. You might have a question, “Then what should I do?” There are no perfect formulae that you can follow in all situations. Our careful action, however, can make a big difference, before we realize something is going good, and at the same time we won’t be compromising our lifestyle.

For two years, before joining my Master’s, I had worked in the same field. I spent a lot of time among youths, providing trainings and being engaged in different community. At that time I learned one important lesson. At the training we would be full of sentiment feeling like we were going to contribute rest of our life to make earth green. We would come out of the residential training hall with full of spirit, but when we would reach to home energy level knocked down to 50%. By next morning spirit fell to 20%, and after one week we hardly ever would remember what we learned in the training. In the end only one out of hundred would find to be replicating what s/he learned during the training. Characteristically, everybody suffers from this problem, although the youths with higher degree.

What do you feel if somebody tells you to quit driving a car? I feel so bad, and definitely do not follow their instructions, because it’s a part of my life. Then what is the solution? Only keep on talking about the environment does not make a positive change. The easiest possibility is that I can reduce my driving hours substantially. Don’t drive a car unless you really need to. Note down every time you avoid your car and calculate total time you save by the end of the year. Then you will find yourself an example, you don’t have to find biography of anybody to give an example. It might be very difficult at the beginning, but when you get into it, you feel more comfortable. Changing people’s preoccupied mind is very challenging; even we may have hard time to change our own home at the beginning. The good place to start our action is our own bedroom. Saving energy and water and reducing waste generation could be fantastic beginning. Do not switch on your fan, light, TV and computer, when you are out of the room. Bringing less packaging materials when you shop every time reduce the amount of waste that comes out from your home substantially. If you are up to the level of confidence, then you can replicate your idea to your home, office, and to a big circle. It is almost impossible to generate and practice new idea every time, however, we could practice old ideas differently. Be proud yourself for what you have done, invite your friends to your home for dinner, and encourage your friends to practice eco friendly lives.

It’s unanimous our present course destroying the natural resource haphazardly. The level of pollution is in its pinnacle. Walk the beaches; see the tampons applicators, disposable diapers, syringes, and other debris of modern human civilization. Canoe the rivers and see the floating trash bags, soft drink bottles. Drive the highway and see the hamburger containers, coffee and soft drink cups. Walk the street and breathe- but not too deeply- the smog, the hydrocarbon fumes, the carbon monoxide. These lively evidences compel people to believe us. We can take advantage of these things to persuade people and actuate them to take action.

The aftermaths of environmental crisis are unequivocal, regardless of the geographical, religious, linguistic differences. Some of the regions, however, are being hard hit due to their some special characteristics, and low resiliencies capacity. The world has common shared vision as everybody needs the safe environment. What’s more we have common feeling of humanity. Numbers of people are dying every day by environmental related problems. Who knows the next? We might not have time to realize. So, the world needs a solid action, and must be taken by intelligent human genome to ensure owe race and safeguard all fellow species before the clock strikes midnight.

Happy going Green!


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