होइन साथी- गौतम बुद्ध नेपालमा जन्मेको हो (No..oooo..no… Buddhha was borne in Nepal)


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I have some friends from: Thailand, Taiwaan, Korea, and Japan, who study with me. I feel some proud because  most of them  follow Buddhism, and respect Buddha, though I am secular. But It  always hurts me, most of my friends think Buddha was borne in India.Actually, most of them never knew or heard about Nepal. No one has any idea about the birth place of Buddha, though most of them have a wildest dream to visit  this holy place.

I  questioned them who told you Buddha was borne in India. The answer was very common like inborn knowledge. They have never read the document about it. so, it si very hard for me convice them. Now a days I am almost tired of crying- होइन साथी- गौतम बुद्ध नेपालमा जन्मेको हो (No..oooo..no… Buddhha was borne in     Nepal).

I find some interestig facts fronm this incident. First of all, the popularity and name of Nepal is condensing day by day. it is very expectable because No Nepalese has done anything to highligth the name of country except in world war II. Definately, after world war II, many people knew Nepal and Nepali because we faught for British bravely.After that, obody has done any significat work to highlight the name of the country.

The year long armed conflict and corrupt parliament, the repurcession is brutal. we are not able to sell the fame of our mountains. Impunity sucks whole nation. No progress in sports, music, academic sector. So, how the world knows us. But we have one misconception, we are famous in the world. I think its wrong. we have to do a lot to make our country famous. The world is under massive social and technological change. The older generation has been replaced by newer one. People are forgetting world war II day by day. But we are still foolishly trying to sell the story of expire movie.


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  1. YES, Mukesh Buddha was born in Nepal.

  2. Grate job man!! Few days ago in one news I found that lots of chainese have also the misconception in birth place of BUDDHA. so we need to inform them what ever we sucessed.

  3. yes 🙂 and
    when are they making a visit to Nepal, the birth place of Gautam Buddha ??

  4. Really Mukesh dai I had also same problem before about 2 month when I was at all India tour .I was going through train and met a indian man there.He questioned me where are you from ?Then I replied that I was from the country of mount everest and birth place of Buddha .He got socked by my answer and replied same as your korien friend. Then I tried to clear him about the birth place of Buddha as you did.So dai really these are very bad for we all Nepalese.

  5. dai yo link dekhai dinu na
    show them this link
    http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=birthplace+of+buddha&search_type=&aq=2s&oq=birth+place+ so they can know what the fact

  6. yes indeed we are still selling the expire movie although no one buys it.
    and i recently heard in news that India has replicated Kapilvastu in Bihar. The replicated region looks exactly same as kapilvastu which includes similar trees, rocks, bricks etc.
    I am afraid we will lose our originality…
    India is winning even if it had lost but we are losing even i

  7. Narayan Prasad Thapaliya

    Mukesh dai………kina hamile satya kuralai pani patak patak repeat garna parne hola…………..kahile kahi ta daya lagcha afaimaathi coz i am Nepali……….

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