That makes me Frustrated


Oops!!  my world is going to be hotter and hotter ,the  fastet  rate of the glacier and snow melting has been visible, sealevels are rising, Tuvalu almost inundated,  water induced disasters and vector borne disease are claiming the life of  thousand fellow people of the world.

world leaders met in Copenhagen, expectations were high, but they could not fulfill, even could not create clear ways for the future gossips. We expected they would come up with meaningful target of emission cut, but they said  no no…. but why? Obam’s speech I loved his spirit, ” I am here to act not to talk”  Ohwu…. but he did ? PM Madhav Kumar Nepal was looking like as he was  in honeymoon with his wife. President of Maldives jumpedike a frog when they passed 3 degree…. byou suck.  How old Obama  will be in 2050, probably 89, and what about Zintawo , most probably 95…but a baby borns in January 1st  205o, who cared about her future. I and my fellow generation will be leading the world, won’t we need the safe earth? Still they are investing trillions and trillions dollors  in nuclear weapons but why ? yes…We have the answer they are leaving us the brutal world. They know there will be nofresh water to drink and no clean air to breath. So  generation to come  must war for water,air and foods. So, they must leave the weapons for thir grandchilds.

Poor countries need money to feed their citizens and rich countries have money….. they could purchase the sovereignty….. nobody damns about the future…. that makes me frustrated.


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  1. There are many things which even makes me frustrated.
    I occasionally say that I LOVE MY NEPAL, BUT I AM NOT PROUD TO BE A NEPALI, it is because Nepal has given me nothing except banda, poor education and a Nepali citizenship.

    I loved the content part of speech of Madav Kumar Nepal in COP summit but it was really embarrassing that there were rare ears in the conference to hear our voices. There was continuous side talk, disturbances during MKN’s speech. Hunata why should they hear the voices of a poor country like Nepal.
    And as always even this time we were concerned about funds, once again we were seeking for help…MKN continuously said that we are poor, we need help. Every time we proudly call ourselves poor, every time we say that we are handicapped…what yar!!

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